• Week #6 $50 Weekly Menu

     weekly Menus- week #6 Week 6 Grocery Notes: Recently in our area I discovered a wonderful fruit and vegetable stand. Sometimes, the prices are dirt cheap and other times, they are considerably higher. It seems to be a hit or miss thing. This week I was able to score the fruits and veggies shown here for a total of $12. between Aldi's and the local fruit and vegetable stand in town.
    Sometimes, Items are so cheap at the store, it isn't worth making your own, as you can see from the Cinnamon Raisin bagels I found at
    Aldis. I managed to find a great deal on thick pork chops at Sam's club- and packaged those up in meal-size packages and froze for later use.

    February 7th - February 13th

    Monday 7th:

    Tuesday 8th:

    • Breakfast: Cantaloupe Chunks with Honey-Lime Dip
    • Lunch: Ramen Noodles & Peanut butter sandwich
    • Dinner: Sesame Chicken, Jasmine Rice, Fresh Steamed Broccoli

    Wednesday 9th:

    • Breakfast: Banana Nut Muffins
    • Lunch:
      Apple Cabbage Toss & Sweet Potato Fries
    • Dinner: Corn Chowder & Biscuits

    Thursday 10th

    Friday 11th:

    • Breakfast: pancakes or french toast sticks
    • Lunch: leftover Corn Chowder
    • Dinner: Baked Tater Taco's

    Saturday 12th:

    • Breakfast: Cinnamon Apple Breakfast Quesadillas
    • Lunch: chicken salad wraps
    • Dinner: "Restaurant Night" - this isn't actually eating out, instead we use the individual portion size meals that have been vacuum sealed and frozen.

    Sunday 13th:

    • Breakfast: French Toast or Waffles (made ahead of time and Frozen)
    • Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwiches with Lettuce
    • Dinner: Grilled Pork with Pear Salsa

    Various Snacks: Fruit was in abundance this week!

    • Fresh Fruit- (Apples, Banana's, Pears) - as you can see, there was a wide variety this week!
    • Apples w/ Peanut Butter
    • Banana Nut Muffins
    • Homemade Microwave Popcorn

    Drinks included:

    • Iced Tea or herbal teas
    • Coffee
    • Guava & Mango Juice
    • Homemade Lemonade

    A few things I'd like to share:

    If you're just tuning in to this series, you may have noticed that we use eggs quite a bit, this is because we raise chickens, eggs are a plenty!
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    1. kjbuzzard's Avatar
      kjbuzzard -
      We would probably enjoy having chickens but our city requires that we have to be 50 feet from a neighbors home. We live too close to our neighbors so that is out for us. But it does sound like it would be fun.
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