• 2012 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #47: Happy Thanksgiving!

    2012 $50 Weekly Menu Plan Week #47: This is a wonderful time of year to count your blessings and we're sure counting ours, despite some major misfortunes that took place this past week. . .
    First, a bit about our Thanksgiving Menu- this year we're having a massive get together with friends/family - we're counting on a minimum of 20 people. Since it would be expensive for one family to feed everyone, we're holding a potluck. Each Person/Family is bringing 2 items (a side dish and dessert, or a
    main dish & side dish, etc). The goal is to make sure that no family spends more than $15. We're providing a Turkey, Butternut Squash and Homemade Yeast Rolls.

    If you followed our menu last week you know that we reserved the majority of the budget and put it toward this weeks menu plan instead so that we could restock the pantry and many necessary baking items while they're on sale. Mid-November is an Excellent time of year to stock up on all baking supplies, chocolate chips, sugar, flour, various types of flour, as well as canned goods.

    We purchased the following: (2) Turkeys, milk, spinach, whole pineapples (3), bananas, prime
    rib, various baking supplies (including baking soda, baking powder. flours, sugars, etc), cream cheese, red potatoes, lettuce, celery, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, cranberries, fresh green beans, apples, grapes, cabbage, red potatoes, cranberry juice, gingerale, coffee, canned chili's, pomegranates, pepperocini's, olives and yeast. Our total spent was $86.15

    Monday 19th:

    Tuesday 20th:

    Wednesday 21st:

    • Breakfast: Grits, Eggs, Toast
    • Lunch: Garden Salad w/ sliced hard boiled eggs
    • Dinner: Campfire Pig Greens, Roasted Red Potatoes

    Thursday 22nd: Happy Thanksgiving

    Friday 23rd: Get Together w/ Friends- We're digging our own oysters and since we're providing all the oysters, friends are bringing side dishes to share as well!

    • Breakfast: Fresh Pineapple Wedges, Cottage Cheese
    • Lunch: Open Faced Turkey Sandwiches, salad
    • Dinner: Steamed Oysters, Steamed Garlic Green Beans & Various Potluck style sides

    Saturday 24th: Game Day!

    Sunday 25th:

    Various Snacks:

    Drinks included:
    * Iced Tea (Sweet Tea)
    * Coffee
    * Cranberry Spritzers
    * Copycat Gatorade
    * CopyCat Arizona Green Tea
    A few things I'd like to share: Last week we dug up a few of our green pepper and jalapeno plants from the garden and brought them indoors so they can continue to produce (with a little help from a q-tip!), We also picked a couple of eggplants this week that I discovered were growing behind the chicken coop.

    FYI: The easiest way to plan your menu is take a look at what you have on hand and then view the weeks sales flyers for your favorite stores. If you didn't know, we've compiled a list of All the store flyers for every
    store we can think of. If your store isn't listed, comment at the bottom of the page and we'll add it for you.

    For Thanksgiving Recipes, Check out this Thanksgiving Page

    Visit our Sales cycles page for a complete list of expected Sales Items for November

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    1. Bamo72's Avatar
      Bamo72 -
      And how much flour, etc. for baking do you buy. I go through 25 lbs of flour a month with all my baking, bread machine, etc. Am I missing the place where you have quantities listed along with items?

      I have a family with 6 kids to feed so anything will help.
    1. GB101's Avatar
      GB101 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bamo72 View Post
      And how much flour, etc. for baking do you buy. I go through 25 lbs of flour a month with all my baking, bread machine, etc. Am I missing the place where you have quantities listed along with items?

      I have a family with 6 kids to feed so anything will help.
      For the sake of time & aggravation we don't list out all the individual quantities of everything. It really varies depending on what we need & what we're cooking at the time. Some weeks we do post quantities just to show how much we stock up, like this pantry restocking week: http://www.grocerybudget101.com/cont...u-Plan-Week-44

      It's going to vary for your family as to how much you purchase based on your own eating preferences. You might find this thread helpful, How to buy foods for storage on $5 per week

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