• Thanksgiving Leftovers- Deconstructed Turkey Recipes

    Thanksgiving is over, but chances are you still have some lingering morsels of turkey in your fridge from that deconstructed turkey carcass that everyone so willingly dove into! Here are some delicious recipes for using up those tasty leftovers . . .
    Thanksgiving Leftovers- Recipes & Ideas for using up those leftovers

    1. Baby Hot Browns
    2. Cheesy Turkey Crescents
    3. Old Fashioned Turkey Stew
    4. Turkey Alfredo
    5. Turkey Fajita Casserole (Can be a Party dip or main dish!)
    6. Turkey & Dumplings
    7. Turkey Tetrazzini
    8. Savory Turkey Cobbler
    9. Stovetop Turkey Divan
    10. Southwestern Turkey Biscuits
    11. Using it All Turkey Soup (Including the Carcass!)

    Other Great Leftover Ideas:
    • Use leftover turkey in Oriental Stir Fry's (seasoning mix here)
    • Make gravy, add cut up turkey and serve over hot biscuits
    • Shred turkey & serve in Taco's or Enchilada's (seasoning mix here)
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