• Beer Can Chicken

    Beer Can Chicken from GroceryBudget101.com
    Melt in your mouth, crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside Beer in the Butt Chicken is the real deal! This sinfully simple recipe will give your friends and family something to talk about . .
    (Special thank you to Kenny & Deb for the lovely bird pictured in the photo, it was Delicious!)

    You'll Need:
    1 (4-5lb) Whole Chicken
    2 Tbs Melted Butter
    2 Tbs Seasoning Rub of your Choice** (see options below)
    1 can of your favorite beer (or not so favorite beer- this is actually a great
    way to use up cheap beer that your friends may have forgotten at your house)

    Fire up the grill for some long-term indirect heat- which means if you're using a gas grill, heat the burners on one side, If you're using charcoal, get the coals ready on one side, you'll place the chicken on the other side!

    Open the can of beer, take a few swigs, not too many, you'll need the rest for your chicken! Now, here comes the difficult part... cram the open beer up the chickens.. ahem.. rump.

    It's actually easier to slide the chicken down over the beer can. Now, rub the melted butter all over the chicken, generously coating it. Sprinkle with
    your favorite rub or seasoning, again apply generously.

    Carefully pick up the seasoned bird, be careful the beer doesn't fall out and place it on the grill (on the indirect heat side!). Cover the grill and go have another beer while it cooks- seriously, don't open the grill for at least an Hour!

    Once an hour has passed, if you're using charcoal, you may need to refresh the coals. Otherwise, if using a gas grill, or the oven, just keep on cooking. An average 4lb bird takes about 90 minutes.

    Test the thickest part of the bird with a meat thermometer, which should read 160-165F. If you don't happen to have a thermometer handy, you can poke the bird deeply with a knife and press gently to see the juices. If the juices run clear, it's done, if the juices are pink, it's NOT.

    Once the bird is done, very carefully move it onto a
    platter and remove the beer can. Mind you, there will still be some beer left in the can and it WILL be Very hot, so be careful! Tongs are helpful in the removal.

    Enjoy your Beer Can aka Beer in the butt Chicken

    Beer in the Butt Chicken Seasoning Ideas:

    1. Santa Fe Spice Rub
    2. Sizzling Rub
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    1. Annie's Avatar
      Annie -
      I have done this using apple juice in a can when I didn't have beer. Turned out fine. A little different, but we enjoyed it.
    1. sheliprosperi's Avatar
      sheliprosperi -
      You can get stands that the can slides in at most stores. Helps to keep the chicken up. I love this chicken recipe.
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