• January Sales Cycles

    January Seasonal Sales Cycles - the following information is a compiled list that takes the following factors into consideration: Traditional Sales/Deals, Occasions, National Monthly Promotions, as well as Produce in season.

    Occasions to be aware of:

    • January 1 – New Year’s Day
    • January 1 – 7 is National Lose Weight/Feel Great Week
    • Martin Luther King Jr. holiday
    • Super Bowl Sunday

    Traditional January Promotions:
    • Bread Machine Baking Month
    • National Candy Month
    • National Egg Month
    • National Hot Tea Month
    • National
      Meat Month
    • National Oatmeal Month
    • National Slow Cooker Month
    • National Soup Month
    • National Wheat Bread Month
    • Prune Breakfast Month

    Fruits & Vegetables that are in Season for the Month of January:
    • New- Means the item just came into season
    • Peak - at it's best Price and Availability
    • Waning- means it's availability is declining- it's going out of season

    Fruits in Season status Veggies In Season status
    Anjou Pear Bok Choy Waning
    Blood Orange New Broccoli
    Bosc Pears Waning Brussels Sprouts
    Comice Pears waning Carrots
    Grapefruit Cauliflower
    Haas Avocado new Celeriac/Celery Root
    Kiwi Chard
    Kumquat Collards New
    Lemons Peak Daikon Waning
    Mandarins Peak Fennel New
    Fuerte Waning
    Rhubarb, Hothouse new Green Cabbage
    Tangerines Peak Greens
    Zutano, Avocado Waning Kale
    Mushrooms, Wilk
    Napa Cabbage
    Onions, Green new
    Potatoes, White waning
    Rutabaga waning
    Squash,butternut waning
    Turnips waning

    Sales & Deals you can Normally Expect in January:

    • Oatmeal & Quaker Products (due to National Oatmeal Month)

    • Cleaning Products- including winter organization and storage solutions

    • Clearance Items- items from the holidays that have just passed, Winter Clothing (hats/coats/mittens/gloves), holiday decor, calendars, candles, party supplies

    • Diet Foods & Weight loss Products (New Years Resolutions)- including home Gym equipment and gear

    • Furniture is generally
      on sale in January

    • Healthy Food Promotions such as: South Beach, Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, 100 Calorie Snack packs, Special K cereal

    • New Product Lines- This is usually when many new products are launched, particularly hair color products, cosmetics, beauty and bath products

    • Super Bowl Based Deals- including party & snack foods such as Pepsi Products, Coke Products, Chips, Dips, crackers, snacks, sandwich fillings/meats

    • White Sales- these are linen & bedding sales

    • Winter Health Care Products including cold & flu medicines, Pain relievers, vitamins
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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      This is my very first post on here. I really am enjoying reading all of the helpful tips that is provided here. It is very hard for me to keep up with what is in season and what isn't, and what to be watching for in the stores as far as sale items. Thank you for this website!!
    1. Ser61's Avatar
      Ser61 -
      I am really impressed on how you have all of this information to share with us! Thank you for I've wondered about this my whole life.
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