• $50 Weekly Menu Plan Help: Thomaston, Georgia

    This spotlight for this weeks $50 Menu plan help across the USA is on Thomaston, Georgia ! Find out where to shop in Upson County to get the best savings on your grocery budget . . .

    Michele wrote, "Hi, my name is Michele and I am new to your site. Your estimation is correct on your book advertisement. We do average about $700 a month on groceries. It is killing us! We have recently gone from a family of 5 adults to a family of 4 (1 daughter moved into her own apt) yet, our grocery bill
    still hasn't gone down. We are limited to very few places to shop in my town. I usually do the bulk of my shopping at Walmart, some at Piggly Wiggly, and we do have an Ingles - but I rarely shop there because their prices seem so high! My zip is 30286. If I could even cut my bill in half it would send me over the moon with joy. I also work full time as an optometrist, so weekday meals usually have to be quick or crockpot. Thank you so very much for your help. I'm excited to see this work"

    Based on the limited grocery stores in your area, you are much better off going 30 miles out of your way to Macon to get groceries, even if you only
    shop bi-weekly. Even with the price of gas figured in - your grocery bill will still be several Hundred dollars less per month. If you did so, you could take advantage of deals at both Aldi & Save-Alot which would greatly extend your budget.

    Aldi Deals from this weeks Flyer April 21st- 27th, 2013
    Aldi Location: 4501 Log Cabin Drive Macon, GA 31206
    4#'s Navel Oranges $1.79
    1 # Strawberries $1.19
    Whole Pineapple .99
    Mango .59
    Apples $1.99 (3# bag)
    Loven Fresh Wheat Bread $1.29

    Aldi Every Day Low Prices
    Bananas .44lb
    Artisan Lettuce $1.99
    Green Peppers 3/$1.99
    Cucumbers .75 ea
    Frozen Ground Turkey $1.69 lb
    Old Fashioned Oats- Oatmeal $1.69
    10 lbs Potatoes 2.50 (or less)
    Fresh Mushrooms 1.29
    Pepperoni 2.29
    eggs $1.09
    Frozen Veggies 14-16oz bag $1

    Ingles Deals from This
    Weeks Flyer
    (April 21st- 27th)

    Jumbo Cantaloupes $1.98
    Barilla or Muellers Pasta 10/$10
    Chobani Greek Yogurt 10/$10
    Del Monte Diced tomatoes 10/$10
    Rotel Tomatoes 10/$10
    Cream Cheese $1.98
    Rotisserie Chickens $4.99 each
    Turkey Breast $1.48 lb
    10#'s Potatoes $3.98

    Piggly Wiggly Deals from this Weeks Flyer April 17-23rd
    Pork Boston Butt $1.29 lb
    Fryer Drumsticks .99lb
    Gwaltney Bacon $2.39
    Roundtop wheat Bread .99 loaf
    Milk $2.99
    American Cheese Singles $1.50
    Iceburg Lettuce .89
    Cucumbers .69
    Asparagus $1.69
    Tomatoes $1.29

    Sam's Club
    Deals from this weeks Flyer

    5lb Bag Shredded Mozzarella Cheese $12.26 (= 1.22 per 8 oz pkg)
    5 lb Bag Shredded Cheddar Cheese $12.26 (= 1.22 per 8 oz pkg)
    Pork Butt $1.58 lb
    Boneless Skinless Chix Breast $1.77

    Save-a-lot Deals from this weeks flyer
    Chicken Leg Quarters .64 pound
    Fresh Pork Sirloin
    Roast .99lb
    Boneless Beef Chuck Steak 2.99 lb
    Kelloggs Cereal $1.99
    Chunk Light Tuna .69 can
    Pasta .89 box
    All Purpose Flour $1.69

    Other Stores Nearby: Here are several other stores in your immediate area. We were not able to find much information on these stores, but they may be worth checking out to see whether or not you can find decent deals

    • Lotto Grocery- Location 1104 Highway 19 N, Thomaston, GA 30286
    • Rescue Me Market Location117 S Center St, Thomaston, GA 30286
    • Rockys Grocery Location: 201 Barnesville St, Thomaston, GA 30286
    • SouthSide Grocery Location: 5775 Indian Trl, Thomaston, GA 30286

    Potential Grocery List & Plan:
    A= Aldi I= Ingles P= Piggly Wiggly Sams= Save-a-lot
    (A) 1 # Strawberries $1.19
    (A) Whole Pineapple .99
    (A) Mango .59
    (A) Apples $1.99 (3# bag)
    (A) Bananas .44lb (3lb avg) $1.32
    (A) Artisan Lettuce $1.99
    (A) Green Peppers 3/$1.99
    (A) Frozen Ground Turkey $1.69 lb
    (A) Old Fashioned Oats- Oatmeal $1.69
    (A) 10 lbs Potatoes 2.50 (or less)
    (A) Fresh Mushrooms 1.29
    (A) eggs $1.09
    Celery 1.29
    (A) Rice 2#'s .79
    (A) Frozen Veggies 14-16oz bag $1
    (P) Pork Boston Butt $1.29 lb x 10# = $10.29
    (P) Gwaltney Bacon $2.39
    (P) Roundtop wheat Bread .99 loaf x 2 =1.98
    (P) Milk $2.99
    (P) American Cheese Singles $1.50
    (P) Iceburg Lettuce .89
    (P) Cucumbers .69
    (P) Asparagus $1.69
    (P) Tomatoes $1.29
    (S) Chicken Leg Quarters .64 pound x 10# = $6.40
    (S) Boneless Beef Chuck Steak 2.99 lb x 2lbs = $5.98
    (S) Chunk Light Tuna .69 can
    (S) Pasta .89 box
    (I) Jumbo Cantaloupes $1.98
    Total Spent $ 59.36

    To put this in perspective- at that price and grocery list you would have purchased 24 Pounds of Meat this week.

    • 10 #'s of Boston Butt
    • 10 #'s of Chicken Legs
    • 2 #'s of Steak
    • 1 lb Bacon
    • 1 lb Ground Turkey

    If you follow our 2012 Family Guide to Groceries under $250 a Month, your freezer would be full of meat and instead of stocking it up, you'd more than likely be purchasing double the amount of fruits and veggies this week. However, even if you doubled the strawberries, pineapple, mango and cucumbers, you'd only be adding another $3.46 to your budget and you'd have some healthy snacking options.

    Breakfast Ideas:

    Lunch & Dinner Ideas: Keep in mind that you can (&
    should!) use substitutes in your recipes if you don't have one of the ingredients. For example, in the beer
    can chicken- a can of cola works just fine.

    Other Side Dish & Snack Ideas:

    Farmers Markets & Other Grocery Deals:

    Here are some additional resources in your area that you might not have been aware of, but may offer really decent deals on fresh local produce and other goods:

    • Bluebird Market and CSA- offers a huge variety of fresh produce, this local community of gardeners, artisans and growers is also an Organic Co-Op Farmers Market Location: Open Saturdays from 8 am until noon, 218 N. Center Street, Thomaston, GA. website ~ FB~

    • Barnsville Farmers Market- offers Location: parking lot of First National Bank, 315 Thomaston St Barnesville, GA 30204 website ~ FB~

    • LaGrange Farmers Market- offers affordable produce Location: 606 Greenville St Lagrange, GA 30241 ~FB~

    • Reece's Farmers Market- reportedly offers "the best of everything", this low key farmers market is located at 905 Experiment St, Griffin ~FB

    • The Rock Ranch Produce & U-Pick Market- offers fresh, grain-fed, hormone/steroid free all natural beef Location: 5020 Barnesville Hwy The Rock, GA 30285

    If you happen to be from this area and know of additional inexpensive resources, please feel free to list them in the comments below so that others can enjoy them as well!


    If you haven't already, check out our eBook, "The 2012 Family Guide to Groceries under $250 a Month" for additional money saving tips and recipes for reducing your grocery bill! The ebook will actually be available for FREE April 26th- April 28th!!!

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    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hi. I would like to see Villa Rica, GA 30180 featured in an upcoming article. I shop at Ingles, Publix, and Walmart. Thanks.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Hi i live in Milledgeville GA and there arent many places to shop. I usually do the bulk shopping at Kroger and a few things at Walmart that are cheaper. I was buying simple meals like hamburger helper and sandwich stuff. But I have recently started a job where I am a live in caregiver to an elderly man and his wife has asked that i give him a more balances meal plan and to make home cooked meals not microwave tv dinners.

      I need some help. she has alotted $650 a month for food but that is for groceries and going out to eat which she wants me to take him out to eat 2x a week, so i need to save some of the money for that. could you help me with a better meal budget? Thanks i really appreciate it.
    1. DouglasLB's Avatar
      DouglasLB -
      Hello, We live in Placerville, CA 95667. retired mostly Vegan, shop Placerville Co-op, Raley's, Whole Foods & Costco. not much in prepared foods either. Any help would be gratly appreciated.
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