• June Sales Cycles

    June Seasonal Sales Cycles - the following information is a compiled list that takes the following factors into consideration: Traditional Sales/Deals, Occasions, National Monthly Promotions, as well as Produce in season for the month of June.

    Occasions to be aware of:

    • Children's Miracle Network
    • National Cancer Survivorís Day
    • National Hunger Awareness Day
    • Easter Seals
    • Flag Day
    • Fatherís Day
    • Special Olympics Summer Games
    • Summer begins

    Traditional June Promotions:

    • National Candy Month
    • National
      Dairy Month
    • National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
    • National Iced Tea Month
    • National Safety Month
    • National Seafood Month
    • National Turkey Loverís Month

    Fruits & Vegetables that are in Season for the Month of June:

    • New- Means the item just came into season
    • Peak - at it's best Price and Availability
    • Waning- means it's availability is declining- it's going out of season

    Fruits in Season
    Veggies In Season
    Apricots Peak Beans, Green New
    Black Mission Figs New Beets Waning
    Blackberries Peak Carrots Waning
    Blueberries Corn New
    Boysenberries Peak Cucumber New
    Cantaloupe New Eggplant New
    Cherries New Garlic New
    Grapes New Greens
    Honeydew New Lettuces Waning
    Limes Peak Peas,
    English Shelling
    Loganberries New Potatoes
    Nectarines New Red Onions
    Olliberries New Squash, Summer New
    Peaches New Sweet Vidalia Onions Peak
    Raspberries Peak Sweet Walla Walla Onions Waning
    Strawberries Tomatoes New
    Watermelon New

    Sales & Deals you can Normally Expect in June:

    • National Dairy Promos- dairy products, milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt, sour cream

    • July 4 Promos- Condiments, BBQ Sauce, ketchups, mustards, mayo, salad dressing, pickles, ribs, ground meat, soda pop

    • Picnic Items- Paper products, napkins, plastic utensils, self tanner, insect repellents, hats

    • Health Products- Aspirin, pain relievers, incontinence products

    • Laundry Detergents

    Clearance Items-

    Camcorders, small electronics,
    Computers/laptops, indoor furniture

    Cruises- Yes, with the Start of hurricane season also comes great deals on cruises- you might want to opt-in on the travel insurance though!

    Ladies Lingerie- typically half the price during the month of june!
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      kimbrtlyann -
      first time on page ... seems like i will like it thank you ~
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      happygrandma -
      I am trying to find my way around. Where are the August seasonal items listed?
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      Quote Originally Posted by happygrandma View Post
      I am trying to find my way around. Where are the August seasonal items listed?
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