• Cucumber Subs

    Looking for a lighter lunch option? These yummy low-carb, bread free subs are made with a variety of different fillings, but have one thing in common, crunchy cucumber!
    Cucumber Sub Sandwich
    While trying to come up with some unique ways to use up the evergrowing numbers of cucumbers flowing from our garden, I caught my youngest making a Cucumber Sub sandwich, that is, a hollowed out cucumber filled with turkey pastrami, cheese and jalapeno slices!

    Filling Ideas:

    • Egg Salad- here are 18 different variations for egg
      salad including sun-dried tomato egg salad, chipotle egg salad, dilled egg salad, bacon egg salad and more
    • Tuna Salad- with or without bits of onion, celery, jalapeno, etc
    • Cold Cuts- such as ham, turkey, salami, pastrami, roast beef, etc
    • Cheeses- provolone, swiss
    • Swiss-Mushroom filling- saute some fresh chopped mushrooms with a few onions and a dash of montreal steak seasoning and serve in a hollowed out cucumber

    You can fill these with any number of delicious fillings and they have great crunch and flavor!
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