• July Sales Cycles

    July Seasonal Sales Cycles - the following information is a compiled list that takes the following factors into consideration: Traditional Sales/Deals, Occasions, National Monthly Promotions, as well as Produce in season for the month of July.

    Occasions to be aware of:

    • July 4th
    • Parents Day

    Traditional July Promotions:

    • National Baked Bean Month
    • National Blueberry Month
    • National Ice Cream Month
    • National Hot Dog Month
    • Canada Day
    • Running of the Bulls
    • Independence Day

    Fruits & Vegetables
    that are in Season for the Month of July:

    • New- Means the item just came into season
    • Peak - at it's best Price and Availability
    • Waning- means it's availability is declining- it's going out of season

    Fruits in Season
    Veggies In Season
    Ambrosia Melon Basil New
    Asian Pears New Beans, Grean
    Bartlett Pears New Corn Peak
    Blueberries Peak Cucumbers New
    Canary Melon Eggplant New
    Cherries Waning Garlic
    Currants New Okra New
    Figs Onions, Red Peak
    French Butter Pears Peak Onions, Sw. Vidalia Waning
    Galaxy Melon Onions,Walla Walla Waning
    Galia Melon Peppers, Bell New
    Gooseberries Potatoes
    Grapes Squash,
    Limes Tomatoes New
    Peaches Peak
    Plums New

    Sales & Deals you can Normally Expect in July:

    • Back to School Deals- School supplies, kids clothing sales

    • July 4 Promos- Condiments, BBQ Sauce, ketchup, mustards, mayo, salad dressing, pickles, ribs, ground meat, soda pop, Fireworks, baked beans, hot dogs

    • Picnic Items- Paper products, napkins, plastic utensils, self tanner, insect repellents, hats

    What this means for those who coupon clip is that you're likely to find great sales deals on the items listed above. The coupons will come out several weeks ahead of these deals and you'll need to hold onto them in order to get items dirt cheap, if not free.

    For those that don't clip coupons, this is an excellent time
    to stock up on items with a long shelf life, such as various condiments, beans, etc as well as fill the freezer with Pork Products which are generally considerably cheaper this time of year (Bacon, Pork Chops, Ribs, etc).
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