• August Sales Cycles

    August Seasonal Sales Cycles - the following information is a compiled list that takes the following factors into consideration: Traditional Sales/Deals, Occasions, National Monthly Promotions, as well as Produce in season for the month of August.
    sales cycles and trends that you can expect throughout the month of August
    Occasions to be aware of:

    • Back to School
    • Summer Clearance Sales
    • Cataract Awareness Month
    • Children's Vision and Learning Month

    Fruits & Vegetables that are in Season for the Month of August:

    • New- Means the item just came into
    • Peak - at it's best Price and Availability
    • Waning- means it's availability is declining- it's going out of season

    Fruits in Season
    Veggies In Season
    Adriatic Figs Basil
    Apple, Gravenstein New Beans, Fresh Shelling
    Avocado, Haas Black Eyed Pea New
    Berries Beans, Green Peak
    Black Mission Figs Corn Peak
    Blackberries Waning Cucumber Peak
    Blueberries Waning Eggplant
    Brown Turkey Figs Garlic Peak
    Calimyma Figs Okra Peak
    Figs Peak Onion Peak
    Grapes, Red Flame Peak Pepper, Bell
    Limes Waning Squash, Summer Peak
    Melons Peak Tomatillo Peak
    Nectarines Waning Tomato
    Peaches Peak
    Pears, Bartlett Peak
    Plums Peak
    Raspberries Peak

    Sales & Deals you can Normally Expect in August:

    • Back to School Deals- School supplies, kids clothing sales, lunchbox foods/meals, pudding cups, lunch meat, breads, cold cereals,waffles, school supplies, office supplies such as pens, markers, crayons, glue, backpacks, folders- College Student Deals- dorm room supplies- Laptops

    • Clearance Items- water toys, bubbles, pools, outdoor inflatables, sunscreen, insect repellents, garden supplies, air conditioners, lawn mowers, Carpeting

    • White Sale- linens, bedding, towels

    • Cleaning Items- clorox, disinfectants

    • Summer Deals- summer items, patio furniture, bbq grills and equipment, charcoal, lighter fluid, bathing suits, beach towels

    • Prescription
      - Since it's both Children's Vision & Cataract awareness month, you can expect deals on prescription glasses, contact lenses and all the supplies that go with them.

    Keep an eye out for "Fuel for School" and Kelloggs Back to school Promotions- traditionally speaking, if you're a couponer, you'll find excellent coupon deals on cereal & pop-tarts

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