• September Sales Cycles

    September Seasonal Sales Cycles - the following information is a compiled list that takes the following factors into consideration: Traditional Sales/Deals, Occasions, National Monthly Promotions, as well as Produce in season for the month of September.
    Occasions to be aware of:

    • Labor Day
    • Patriot Day
    • Autumn Begins
    • Rosh Hashanah

    Traditional September Promotions:

    • Baby Safety Month
    • Better Breakfast month
    • National Chicken Month
    • National Coupon Month
    • National Dog Week (9/21 9/27)
    • National
      Honey Month
    • National Potato Month
    • National Rice Month
    • National Organic Harvest Month
    • National Sewing Month
    • Hispanic Heritage Month (September October)

    Fruits & Vegetables that are in Season for the Month of September:

    • New- Means the item just came into season
    • Peak - at it's best Price and Availability
    • Waning- means it's availability is declining- it's going out of season

    Fruits in Season
    Veggies In Season
    Apples Peak Artichokes New
    Apples, Cortland Peak Basil Peak
    Apples, Macintosh Peak Beans, Fresh Shelling Peak
    Figs Waning Bell Peppers
    Fuyu Persimmons Celeriac/Celery Root New
    Grapes Peak Chile
    Hachiya Persimmon Cucumber Peak
    Melons Waning Eggplant Peak
    Orange, Valencia Peak Garlic Peak
    Pears, Asian Peak Kale New
    Pears, Bartlett Waning Kohlrabi New
    Pistachios New Okra Peak
    Plums Waning Onion
    Pomegranate New Summer Squash Waning
    Quince New Tomatillo Waning
    Tomatoes Peak
    Winter Squash New
    Raspberries Peak

    Sales & Deals you can Normally Expect in September:

    • Back to School Deals- School supplies, kids clothing sales, lunchbox foods/meals, pudding cups, lunch meat, breads, cold cereals,waffles, school supplies, office supplies such as pens, markers, crayons, glue, backpacks, folders- College Student Deals- dorm room supplies

    • Baby Products- all types of baby products, baby safety, general baby merchandise

    • Cold &
      Flu Product
      s- typically you'll see a release of a large number of coupons for savings on cold and flu products, print these now and save them and you'll be able to use them to save big in another 6-8 weeks (often getting FREE Medicine)

    • Diabetic Supplies- diabetic meters, glucerna, boost, all supplies

    • Tomato Products- spaghetti sauce, tomato soup, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce

    Keep an eye out for 75% of deals on BBQ & Picnic Supplies

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    1. farmkat's Avatar
      farmkat -
      good to see figs as a seasonal fruit - even if they are waning.

      I went to buy some for a fruit salad recipe that included peaches, figs and dates. the store - Raley's - said they were a spring fruit. Made me wonder about the recipe then as it included a summer fruit - peaches with a spring fruit - figs.
      Glad to know that they were wrong about the figs.
    1. Unregistered's Avatar
      Unregistered -
      Sounds good and delicious....love fruits
    1. Buffalogirl's Avatar
      Buffalogirl -
      I really would like to find a way to keep fruit. I dont like the idea of eating canned fruit that comes from China. Since that has happened I have not eaten any canned fruit. I wish we could get together and get companies to stop sending jobs to China etc.

      I have frozen some things like blueberries and raspberries. But what can we do about peaches, pears, apples, and oranges

      We try to eat yogurt and add fruit to get our daily allowance of fruit.
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