• Mango Frozen Yogurt

    Create your own amazingly simple mango frozen yogurt. This delicious concoction is actually healthy for you!
    First, you'll need to dice the mangoes. Mango is quite easy to cut, we've provided a short tutorial video below, peeling is not necessary. In addition, you can save the seed and plant your own mango tree if you'd like. See: How to Grow your Own Mango Tree. We prefer vanilla greek yogurt for this recipe because it's very lightly sweetened, creamier and creates a considerably smoother
    texture than plain yogurt due to fact that it has less water than regular yogurt.

    You'll Need:
    2 Ripe Mangoes, diced as directed
    2 c. Vanilla Greek Yogurt

    Once the mango is cut & diced, place the pieces in a bowl and freeze them. Once frozen, transfer the mango pieces to a food processor, add the vanilla yogurt, blitz (or pulse) until smooth. Spoon the cream into a container, cover return to freezer for about an hour for the flavors to blend properly.

    Scoop and serve.

    Here's how to properly cut a Mango:

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