• 2015 $75 Weekly Grocery Menu Week 1

    Happy New Year! As we start out this new year we'd like to take a moment to mention a few changes that you can expect to see on our family's site this year...
    due to the ever shrinking product sizes and the seemingly never endless rise in prices, our grocery budget has increased to $75 per week.

    Since both my spouse and I work full time and have kids with crazy schedules we have neither the time nor the inclination to start couponing full time again to battle the rising prices. We do use the occasional free product coupon acquired from the freebies forums, but it's not our main savings plan. Besides, we normally do the majority of our produce shopping at Aldi and they don't accept coupons.

    2015 $75 Budget Menu Plan Week 1: If you've followed our Menu plans in the past you know we don't purchase meat and fresh produce at the same time (normally). Instead we allot about half of our monthly grocery budget to purchasing meat when it's on sale and divide the remainder of our budget to purchase fresh fruits and veggies that are in season, as well as stock up on pantry staples.

    This week we purchased the following:

    3 lbs Gala Apples $1.77
    3 lbs Bananas (.44 x 3) $1.32
    1 pkg Fresh Raspberries $1.49
    Fresh Blueberries $1.49
    5lbs Grapefruit $1.99
    Whole Pineapple $1.19
    2lbs Fresh Pears $1.78
    Blackberries .99
    3 Green Pepper .99
    3 cucumbers (@.29 each) .87
    Grape Tomatoes .99
    6 lbs Lean Ground Turkey $11.98
    10 lbs Chicken Breasts $17.90
    1 Pork Tenderloin $4.47
    Lettuce $1.99
    Celery 1.29
    Cantaloupe $1.89
    Pomegranate .89
    Monterey Jack Pepper Cheese $1.89
    Block Cheddar Cheese 1.89
    Spanish Green Olives $1.89
    Cream Cheese (2 pkgs) $1.69x2
    Carrots 2lbs .99
    Cauliflower 1.69
    Mango .89
    Yogurt 2.89

    Total spent this week on groceries: $70.79

    From our Backyard: Fresh Eggs (down to about 12-15 a day)

    From our Windowsill/ Garden: a few fresh herbs, cilantro, basil and rosemary - they're starting to look a bit tattered so we'll be planting more shortly!

    Breakfast Options for this week: Fruit Salad- (Cantaloupe, Berries, Pomegranate and mango)

    Lunch Options for this week: Lunch is over-rated and we often skip it. We eat dinner early and snack mid-afternoon on the following:

    Monday January 5th :

    Tuesday January 6th:

    Wednesday January 7th:

    Thursday January 8th:

    Friday January 9th:

    Saturday January 10th:

    Sunday January 11th:

    Various Snacks & Desserts:

    • Fresh Fruit Choices Available- Apples, Home Canned Peaches, Bananas, Pears, Grapefruit, Fruit Salad, Fresh Pineapple, etc
    • Yogurt Parfaits
    • Cinnamon & Cardamom Broiled Pears
    • Cinnamon Apple Cheese Ball w/ fresh fruit

    Drinks Available:
    * Iced Tea (Unsweetened or Sweet Tea)
    * Coffee
    * Hot Chocolate/Cocoa

    Less Likely to be used, but still available:
    * Copycat Gatorade
    * CopyCat Arizona Green Tea
    * Lemonade
    * Iced Coffee Drinks
    * Almond Milk

    FYI: You may have noticed that this weeks menu contains LOTS of cayenne, chipotle and cajun seasonings... this is because it's flu season. The kids have their friends coming and going constantly and we frequently use cayenne pepper to boost our immunity and avoid the nasties that tend to hit homes this time of year. Obviously if you have younger children who may be more sensitive to spicy foods you may want to use less spicy alternatives. There are over 200 seasoning mixes on our sister site, Budget101.com if you need some ideas!

    For Further reading/help we recommend the following:

    • $50 Dollar Menu Frequently Asked Questions - There are certain questions that seem to pop up again and again, so rather than be redundant and repeat answers, we've put them all in one convenient place for you!

      • Basic Questions- Why we don't provide a shopping list, Random ingredients that aren't in the shopping list, are groceries cheaper , etc
        • More Questions- more in depth questions regarding dietary guidelines, dealing with picky eaters, junk food and more

        • It Doesn't Add up- Learn why some items in the Menu plan aren't listed in this weeks grocery purchase list & how it all comes together

    • January Sales Trends- not sure what Should be on sale right now? Here is a list of the current Sales trends throughout the month of September so you know what savings to expect and look forward to.

    • $50 Weekly Menu Plan Help across the USA- Do you find yourself struggling to reduce your grocery bill each month? Check out our Menu plan help across the USA to see if your area has been featured for more 1-on-1 help, if not, feel free to add your request to have your city/state featured.

    • Making Fruits & Veggies Last: At the beginning of each week we prepare the vegetables and fruits to make meal preparation easier during the week and to save money by preventing waste. You can read more about that here.

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