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$50 Weekly Menus

Week # 9 $50 Weekly Menu

Week 9 Grocery Notes: Finally, March has arrived and I’m greatly looking forward to deals on frozen veggies and gardening supplies! Salad greens are relatively inexpensive this week and we’re looking forward to some lighter […]

Dirt Cheap

Hearty Taco Pasta

During the winter months one of our favorite comfort dishes (which luckily happens to be dirt cheap!) is a Hearty Taco Pasta. It takes about 15 minutes to throw together and is very filling. 1 […]

$50 Weekly Menus

Week #8 $50 Weekly Menu

Week 8 Grocery Notes: Over the past few weeks while shopping, we’ve had the opportunity to stock the freezer with numerous packages of boneless skinless chicken breast and pork in various cuts (roasts, chops, loin, […]

$50 Weekly Menus

Week #7 $50 Weekly Menu

Week 7 Grocery Notes:Once again, boneless skinless chicken breast is available dirt cheap at only $1.77 per pound. It’s a great time to take advantage of the sales and buy several packages and vacuum seal […]

$50 Weekly Menus

Week #6 $50 Weekly Menu

Week 6 Grocery Notes: Recently in our area I discovered a wonderful fruit and vegetable stand. Sometimes, the prices are dirt cheap and other times, they are considerably higher. It seems to be a hit […]