2 minute chocolate frosting attachment
Dirt Cheap

2 Minute Chocolate Frosting

Do you buy little tubs of frosting because they’re “Convenient”? Throw out those little tubs containing odd ingredients and opt for this super fast, super easy 2-minute chocolate frosting recipe… you’ll NEVER go back!

berry dazzling cake pudding attachment

Berry-dazzling Cake Pudding

Tantalizing fresh berries bubble in their own juicy sweetness underneath a lovely “cake” top that rises to cover them with a golden brown crown.

5ca3791697263 blueberry pie attachment

Blueberry Pie

The best part of waiting ALL Year for fresh wild blueberries is Blueberry Pie, a delectable treat of fresh berries in a flaky buttery pie crust and paired with fresh homemade vanilla ice cream.