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Starting off with the Holidays!

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I decided I wanted to start my very own blog on here because I think it would be great for others to see how I've been doing along with keeping track myself. I'll be honest, though, whenever I first found this site I was really at disbelief that anyone could manage to make their grocery bill even under $400 a month! People are really managing though and that's wonderful! They also don't deprive themselves of things they love; in fact it seems the people on here have a really great menu of delicious meals! I'm still learning though, and it has been a struggle with my family's past experiences with splurging and how we always eat.
One thing I'm trying to come to terms with is how much milk we go through in a week! I've estimated that it is about $22 a week we spend on milk alone. We drink a lot of coffee in our family and my dad and my daughter as well drink at least one glass of milk a day. I can't say that this is a horrible thing, but it definitely puts a damper on my budget since I try so hard to keep to the $62.50 a week plan.
With that said, we go through a lot of coffee as well! That's at least $9-11 a week in coffee, maybe more during the colder months. Coffee is what really holds our family together! ;)
So at the very least we spend $124 a month on coffee and milk alone which leaves me with $126 a month for groceries in a month to try to stick to this budget! What's a girl to do?! I either spend the $126 and go without or spend over and not stick with my budget!
I have been managing okay though with making a meal plan every week and sticking to the sale items that the local grocery stores have. I spent $48.65 at one store and about $14 at another (they're right down the street from one another so it's not out of my way to shop at two different stores.) That's $62.65 I spent for my meals this week, plus the rest of the items I need for Thanksgiving! So even though I went over by $0.15, I'm really not going to complain too much because the turkey will make at least two meals for us for next week and I'll save a bundle that way.
I'm getting better at this but I feel I still have much to learn! A garden would probably help as well. We plan on making a green house, very cheap actually, but it's still going to cost some money we don't have at the moment.
Any advice or comments are more than welcomed! I love constructive criticism! :D

Cheri <3

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