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I've had enough...

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Hello, This is my very first blog and my very first "grocery saving adventure". I have been searching high and low looking for a way to save money. With groceries and gas being the most costly items leaving my bank account , I have decided we are going to cut our grocery bill. Here is a little background on how we shop. On average my family shops at the grocery store daily picking up whatever we crave for that night. Every Sunday we head out to the "huge chain store" and pick up the odds and ends, Personal Hygiene, Toiletries, Detergents, Dog Food and some random snacks for the week . Spending about 100-150 depending on what we are getting. Than we shop our actual groceries daily . We also have take out about twice a week. I would say we are like average Americans all about saving time, but not saving money. I want to take my approximate $300.00 a week grocery bill down to at least 60.00 . How? You might be asking yourself. Well I am going to use this awesome website and also use my keen sense of "sale" shopping and just do it. My first adventure will be tomorrow. Right now I am taking 2013 menu plan # 39 and will shop some of these recipes on Sunday, As I already have some of these items in my pantry/freezer. But, before I do that I am going to check the sale flyers and see where the cheapest sale items that I will be purchasing. Wish me Good Luck.

Family of 3

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