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Savings Can Be Fun

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It is all in how you look at your new savings adventure. I will be honest and say when I was laid off work, I was not excited. I was scared out of my wits when I did not have an income and the first un-employment check arrived. Thank Goodness I was only there for 7 months. But I was terrified. I felt like I did when I was in my 20's and learning to raise a family on a budget. Now I am in my 50's trying to live on a budget. I am by no means making the money that I used to. The job I got was enough to barely make the bills every month. But after 1 year I had to quit. In all my years I have never worked were I went to work everyday and was miserable. (when you call home everyday on your lunch and beg to quite your job) it you know there is a problem. I did that for the second half of the year with this place. They were going through major changes as well because of the economy and the changes were causing a lot of problems in the job. They lost a lot of people and it was a said time. I finally left as well. I will tell you as well that I have never had a job where I was let go, in fact I have always had offers of money and promotions to not leave. My jobs have always lasted 6-15 years with a company.
Then I found a the new job that was part time. I thought I would be promoted to full time quickly. I almost did, but I would have had to take a cut in pay and then I was working harder for less money.

I had already started living on a budget and when I went to full time I had to make the budget more severe. Seriously, I do my own nails and cut my own hair. I buy clothes at the re-use store or good will and my cooking is stretched to make multiple meals. I am getting good at it now. I do not miss window shopping. I do not miss the mall and the crowds, I do not miss the nights out at local restaurants. I get together with my neighbors in one of our houses and we do a make a dessert night while the guys have fun talking about what ever it is they talk about. We love to chat about new healthy recipes and what we can make and we share ideas and bargains we have found. Very helpful.
I will say in the beginning, I felt like a fish out of water and did not think I could ever figure this out. Still struggling with some stuff. But I have realized that if I do a little at a time that it all works out. One week at a time on buying ingredients and getting them at the best price. You will find that as you work through the process that it gets a little easier. Also Very Important. Track yourself. See your progress, then you will not feel like you have not accomplished anything. You will see the progress and how much you have accomplished and saved.
Thanks for the chance to let you know how I survived. It is not easy but it can be done with patience and persistence.

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