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HELP!!! Savings Newbie in Training

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HELP!! Feeling in over my head in in need of assistance. I'm a 28yr old with a full time job working anywhere from 40-70 hours a with and a full-time mother of 3 and wife. Budgeting for grocery's was the last thing i wanted to do. I would ask myself where would i find the time, saving, or even the energy to plan and cook. At the time it seemed easier to buy fast food, I'm in out ad dinners on the table. Soon our waist line grew and finances got smaller.

I love my family and would like nothing more then to see them HEALTH, LAUGHING and DEBT FREE. I know you have to start somewhere and here's my chance to start.

I live in the Middle TN are anyone with money saving tips please leave a note and i will post anything i find weekly.

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