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So after a long chat with my DH he is on board with really cutting our budget and trying to become debt free in a few years. The biggest place we can cut is our food i thought we were doing good at 400 a month for 6 but after i looked at bank acct and added up everything from grocery store,drug store,big lots, hardware store.....we are way beyond the 400...ouch what a eye opener. So after the first of the year my resolution is to try my hardest to bake,make from scratch(which I do try now as much as I can),make my own everything i can, menu plan better,stick to plan( that is going to be the hardest) and still eat healthy......all this plus work full time etc....but my DH is on board and the kids will have fun baking and making mixes......wish me lots of luck and I will keep everyone posted of how it is going.thanks for the insiration

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