Faux Hard Boiled Eggs

Faux Hard Boiled Eggs
Faux Hard Boiled Eggs


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A few months ago someone mentioned to me that you could “Hard Boil” eggs in your oven and it absolutely didn’t matter how fresh or old they were- that they would peel perfectly no matter what. So – we put the idea to the test . . . here are our results:
First of all, the eggs used in this experiment were literally less than 48 hours old. They were collected fresh from our own chickens. The person sharing this method assured me that the shells would peel easily from the egg using this method, regardless of how fresh the eggs are (it’s a well known fact that fresh eggs do NOT peel well!)

Place each egg in the well of a muffin tin, since we needed to make a huge batch of potato salad, we used 24 eggs.

Place the eggs in an oven that has been preheated to 325F. Set the timer for 30 minutes- go do something else more important than watching paint dry.

Remove from oven- they will look like this:


Immediately plunge the hot eggs into ice water, let them soak for 10 minutes.


Then peel them!


As you can see, this does NOT create “Pretty” Hard-Boiled Eggs- quite the contrary- they get little “brown spots” on the areas of the egg that touched the pan, they don’t peel for a hill of beans and they look like they spent time in a blender.


So- this method is a massive FAIL!! If you want Pretty Eggs Everytime(eggs that actually Worthy of deviled egg recipes!) you can use this Tried and true method here.

Just a Note: Folks have written in stating that “Fresh Eggs” will peel well- they’ve bought eggs from the store and cooked them the “Same day”. Guys- those “Fresh Eggs” aren’t so fresh- they are literally at least a month old when you buy them “Fresh” at your local store.

How to tell the age of your eggs


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  1. The easiest way I have found to peel eggs is tap the top and bottom of the eggs then roll the egg on a flat surface to release the inner skin thing from the egg itself and peel away. I have never had an ugly egg after using this method.

  2. I agree with your method of taping the bottom and rolling the egg. I also find that they peel better when still warm.

  3. I have seen that this is suppose to work well in a slow cooker too. I haven’t tried it yet but maybe there’s hope.?

  4. The Best way I know (i have done the baking of the eggs) is to put COLD eggs in boiling water 10mins. Then shock with ice water. Peel when cool. Thats how my mom did it and it works well for me.

  5. I fill a pot with the desired number of eggs and cover with warm to hot water. Bring to a rapid boil for 1 min., I mean really violent where the eggs are wanting to escape….lol. After the min:cook2: then cover and remove from heat. set a timer for 9 min.

    go away and read a chapter in a book or vacuum….lol
    When the timer goes off pour out the hot water and fill with cold water, sometimes I will add ice but you don’t have too. I will pour out and refill with cold water a few times and then you can peel the eggs perfectly. Works every time. no green and easy to peel.

    I will say that I save eggs from my girls for two weeks in the fridge so that they will peel easily. but that is the freshest I have tried and it works! Good luck 🙂

  6. Dealia, this is the same method that we have started using. I boil mine for 15 minutes though. This even worked with eggs right out of the nesting box.

  7. Boil eggs in water with a big pinch of baking powder and no matter how fresh they are the peel will literally fall off once cracked

  8. Hard boiled egg whites are one of the only proteins my 1-year-old will eat, so I make them almost everyday. The easiest way I’ve found to get them perfect is to tap it to get a good crack, roll them around on the counter and fracture the whole shell, then put it in cold water with the shell still on. When all the eggs are cracked, peel them under slow running cold water, or even just dip them into the water a couple times after you get it going. Once the water gets under the skins, it separates the shell from the egg and it pretty much comes off in two or three big pieces.

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