Chocolate Covered Whipped Cream Filled Strawberry Jello Shots

Chocolate Covered Whipped Cream Filled Strawberry Jello Shots
Chocolate Covered Whipped Cream Filled Strawberry Jello Shots


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Oh My, if you’re looking for a fantastic shot try these amazing chocolate covered Whipped cream filled strawberry jello shots Yes folks, these are Quite alcoholic! These tasty morsels are filled with a Whipped Cream flavored “jello” and capped with dark chocolate in an edible shot glass!

I came up with these on the fly when we were invited to join a “redneck Yacht club”. For those of you that aren’t familiar, that’s when you tie a bunch of pontoon boats together and float around the lake together, barbecuing, swimming, dancing, etc. These don’t really “need” the chocolate cap, but it really brings the flavors of the whipped cream vodka and strawberry together.

You’ll Need:
2 packets of Knox Plain Gelatin
1/2 c. Boiling Water
1/2 c. Cold Water
1 c. Ice Cold Pinnacle Brand Whipped Vodka
1 Tbs sugar
6 lbs strawberries, centers/stems removed

Dark Chocolate Caps:

1 c. Semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/2 oz unsweetened Dark Chocolate bar
1 Tbs Solid Vegetable Shortening

These sound rather complicated, but they’re actually quite simple. The most time-consuming part of the entire recipe is cutting the centers out of the strawberries, which can be accomplished easily using the tip of a carrot peeler. The more of the inside you remove, the more jello shot you can fit in it. Keep in mind that you don’t want to puncture the wall of the strawberry or it’ll seep out before it sets.

Remove the centers of the strawberries and stand them up in empty ice cube trays or egg cartons, etc. You’ll need them to be upright for easy filling. Cold strawberries work great because they cause the shots to set almost immediately, which means you can make them last minute before a gathering/party, etc.

In a small saucepan bring 1/2 c. water to a boil. In the meantime, measure 1/2 c VERY COLD water into a dish and sprinkle the Knox gelatin over the water. Let it set about a minute. Add the boiling water to the gelatin water, add 1 tbs sugar and whisk until well blended. let it cool a few minutes, you want it lukewarm so it doesn’t dilute your alcohol. Add 1 cup of ice-cold vodka (whipped- which tastes like whipped cream!). Stir well. Using a syringe (we used a turkey injector without the metal tip on it), fill the strawberries with the whipped cream jello filling.


Let them set in the fridge while you prepare your chocolate caps.

In a glass bowl combine the chocolate chips, unsweetened chocolate bar (1/2 a square) and shortening. Microwave for 30 seconds, take out, stir well, repeat until chocolate is semi melted, then stir briskly until the remaining chocolate melts. Do not put it in for longer than 30 seconds at a time or your chocolate will burn.


Spoon a small dollop of chocolate over the top of each filled strawberry to seal in the jello shot.

This makes 8 Dozen, and trust me, you’ll want to eat ALL 8 dozen yourself, these are simply amazing!


Caution! They’re very addicting and will hit you faster than you think, I’ve eaten 7 just adding this recipe for you!


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