Faily Brakes
Spunge Games Pty Ltd
Genre: Games
Release Date: February 23, 2016

The title of the game says it all!!

While cruising through the mountains, car enthusiast Phil Faily suddenly experiences a complete brake failure, plunging him over the edge of a steep embankment.

In this physics based game you must maneuver an endless mountainside dodging hazardous terrain such as trees, rocks, creeks and trains resulting in some fun and hilarious near misses and crashes.

•NAVIGATE downhill as far as you can go avoiding obstacles along the way
•AVOID rocks, potholes, trees, canyons, jumps, creek beds and bridges
•COLLECT coins as you go
•UNLOCK unique vehicles
•RECORD video to share on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram

© © Spunge Games Pty Ltd

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