Mood Maps is a really interesting, non-intrusive and easy way to keep a diary of your daily mood. Itís no secret that with technological advancement and convenient innovations speeding life along, our emotional levels have increased with so many varying catalysts for stress and stress relief, itís certainly not a new study to wonder what makes us happy or sad.

With this App you donít have to be a college graduate or even have finished school. You just need an interest in people and your surroundings.

Users can set and keep a personal diary of their Moods, whilst being able to share how they are feeling with global users anonymously, so you are not exposed but still part of something bigger.
Itís as quick as opening the app, tapping a mood and closing it down againÖ Or spend time browsing the features to track your moods and see a realtime display of how the world is feeling around you.

Filter Mood results back by Age, Salary, location and even the time of year you were born - Join the study of personal development and see if you can form patterns in what makes you tick.

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