Palette L.L.C.
Genre: Games
Release Date: September 16, 2014

Join the COSMICATS by hurtling through a dangerous journey

# DRAG the cats away from dangerous ASTEROIDS and DEBRIS!

# Keep a MANY cats as you can on-screen!

# See how long you can last to get the HI-SCORE!

We are Palette, and this is our first game. We believe that simple games can inspire a small bit of joy in everyone. Our hope is to make your day a little better.

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Theme - 'Danie's Kruise' by RoccoW

Game - 'Create A Song in A Day Challenge #1' by RoccoW

Coin - 'Let's Start Out Slow' by RoccoW

Power-up / Wardrobe - 'DM1 + LSDJ Jam Session' by RoccoW

Results - 'Weeklybeats 2014 #12 - xyce xyce Baby' by RoccoW


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