Tap Zoo
Pocket Gems, Inc.

Genre: Games
Release Date: September 04, 2010

Can you grow your island from a one animal zoo to a world-class safari park?

PLEASE NOTE: this game lets you purchase items within the game for real money. *Please disable in-app-purchases on your device if you do not want this feature to be accessible.

Create and care for your very own zoo from your iPhone!* You're moments away from building and customizing your own zoo by choosing which animals to buy, and which to breed.* Have fun nurturing and customizing your very own zoo.


- More than 50 new animals to care for!

- Make choices about how to expand your zoo

- Breed animals

- Place sidewalks and rivers to encourage visitors to see all your different animals and attractions

- Unlock new animals and zoo attractions

- Collect money your animals have earned for your zoo

- Build stores, restaurants, and attractions to encourage more people to come visit your zoo.

- Hire rangers to help you care for your animals when you're not there

- Plant trees to make your park more beautiful.

- Visit your friends' Zoos and play together!

- Very fun to play!

- Works on iPod Touch and iPhones 3G, 3GS, and 4.

- Crossbreed animals!

Can you discover all the crazy cross-breeding combinations?

Horse * + Eagle = ???
Leopard + Lion *= ???

Can you discover the Green Dragon or the Stegosaurus? *Play now to find them!

© Pocket Gems

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