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Genre: Music
Release Date: July 11, 2008

NEW: Faster tagging experience and cool new features including 30 sec previews, Tag Charts from 20 countries, Lyrics and Tag on startup! Shazam gives you instant satisfaction when you want to know what song is playing.
Lovin’ that tune? Just point your phone towards the music source to identify and buy the music track, or share your discovery with friends and family.
This app gives you 5 Tags per month*. For unlimited tagging and exclusive features try our premium app – Encore. Launch Offer - In App upgrade to Encore

Start your music journey and enjoy Shazam to:
• Discover and buy music: identify what song is playing; preview and buy** the track direct on iTunes
• Identify a track immediately: background listening and tagging on start up options for a faster tag result
• Learn more about music: read track and album reviews, artist biographies and discographies, and view song lyrics
• See what’s hot and popular: browse Shazam Tag Charts from 20 countries and choose your weekly updates
• Experience music faster: Tap artwork in My Tags and Charts for shortcut menu to preview, buy and share music
• Share a music moment: Tweet your Tags and post track details to Facebook.
• Search music: find music by artist, track or album from our database of over 8 million songs
• Find Tour Info: local and international tour dates for your tagged artists and buy tickets to their gigs
• Track your music journey: see a map of your Tags to remember the music moments
• Tag without coverage: send your pending tags when you next have a data connection

*If you’ve been using Shazam on your current iPhone / iPod touch since before 9th November 2009, you’re still entitled to unlimited tagging.

**Previewing and buying music requires iTunes music store in your country. Previews courtesy of iTunes.
Lyrics available in the US, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

Shazam supports iPod touch – external microphone required.

None of the competitions featured in Shazam are conducted by, or sponsored by Apple Inc. Please refer to competition pages for applicable terms and conditions before entering.

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