List Price: $9.99 Deal Price: $2.99 You Save: $7.00 (70%)Now, for the first time, all Star Trek movie comic books covering almost three decades of movies on one CD-ROM. As a special bonus, it also includes the first movie comic book series by Marvel. An additional 18 issues for a total of 26 comic books in this collection series. All issues are complete cover to cover with all advertisements, and fully printable.

Every Star Trek Movie Comic Book Ever Published

Star Trek: The Motion Picture
The first Star Trek film adaptation ushered in a new era in Trek comics. Published in both magazine and digest formats, Marvel Comics' lavish adaptation, by industry giants Marv Wolfram, Dave Cockrum and Klaus Janson, also comprised the first three issues of Marvel's 18-issue post-movie monthly title, which vastly improved on Gold Key's prior efforts.
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
DC Comics picked up where Marvel left off, adapting five Star Trek theatrical films and one TV movie. The first of these, Star Trek III, was scripted by frequent Trek writer Mike W. Barr, with art by Tom Sutton and Vilagran. unlike other Star Trek comic publishers, DC maintained a between-film continuity, with The Search for Spock serving as a springboard to new stories in its monthly title, beginning with issue #9.
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
DC's adaptation of the fourth Star Trek film, from the same creative team that adapted Star Trek III, maintained the same high quality fans had come to expect from DC. Barr, Sutton and Vilagran remain fan favorites for their long reign on DC's Trek comic line, and this adaptation perfectly illustrates why that's so.
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Peter David, one of the most widely lauded Star Trek writers of all time, adapted the fifth entry in the series, which served as a launching point for DC's second monthly Trek title. Many fans felt David's script, combined with skillful illustrations from James W. Fry and Arne Starr, actually improved on the film itself.
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
Returning to adapt the sixth film, Peter David once again proved his mettle as a Star Trek master scribe. Published both as softcover and trade-paperback editions, DC's Star Trek VI adaptation was illustrated by Starr and Gordon Purcell, both Trek giants in their own right.
Star Trek Generations
With the seventh film in the Trek pantheon, the torch was passed from one generation to the next, and Friedman handled scripting chores once more. Published in softcover and prestige formats, Generations was gorgeously illustrated by Purcell, Jerome Moore, and Terry Pallot.
Star Trek: First Contact
Following DC's departure from Star Trek publishing, Marvel reclaimed the license for its new Paramount Comics division, just in time to adapt the eight film. Popular Trek novelist John Vornholt scripted the adaptation, with brilliant artwork from Pallot, Rod Whigham and Trek newcomer PExpires Feb 16, 2011