List Price: $139.99 Deal Price: $99.99 You Save: $40.00 (29%)The X-Tatic AIR is a wireless gaming headset, which was developed for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but is also compatible with PC, Wii as well as TV sets and other sound sources with RCA audio outputs. The digital 2.4 GHz transmission technology of the X-Tatic AIR ensures clear voice and gaming sound within a radius of up to ten meters from the console or rather the transmitter unit, while the enclosed NiMH batteries support gaming sessions of up to ten hours. Two separate analog audio inputs allow it to be simultaneously connected to the console and attached to a TV or other audio source. The X-Tatic AIR can easily be connected via USB to a PC.

Through the noise-canceling microphone background noises are effectively minimized, resulting in voice commands being clearly and precisely understood. The microphone can be detached from the headset, so that it is not in the way when in use with a music player or TV. If needed, the microphone can be muted through a corresponding button on the headset; a built-in LED on the microphone indicates when the mute function has been activated. Chat and game volume can be regulated separately to create a perfect sound balance and ensure clear communication with other players at all times.

The X-Tatic AIR was specifically tailored to the needs of gamers: For particularly extensive gaming sessions, an extra set of AAA batteries for the headset can be charged battery-charging station of the transmitter while in use. Thus, after a brief battery change over, another ten hours of additional gaming can commence. This charging unit also offers the possibility to charge AA batteries since they are needed in the Xbox Gamepad. The transmitter unit of the AIR also offers a USB charging port.

Since USB ports on the PS3 are rare, a corresponding USB charging port is integrated into the base. Both the battery and the Gamepad charging function are available even if the transmitter unit is in standby mode. Expires Aug 18, 2013

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