List Price: $47.45 Deal Price: $28.80 You Save: $18.65 (39%)The PURELL 8705-D1 2 Piece ADX Advanced instant hand sanitizer foam refill dispenser kit includes the PURELL 8728-06 ADX-7 brushed chrome and black manual push hand sanitizer dispenser, and a 700 mL refill bottle of PURELL 8705 advanced instant hand sanitizer nonaerosol foam. The dispenser has a compact size to accommodate installation in smaller spaces, controls portions dispensed to help reduce waste, has a clear window on the front to show the fill level, and can be locked to help improve security. The dispenser accepts 700 mL refills of gel or foam designed for ADX-7 dispensers. The included refill bottle is made of clear plastic to show the current fill level, and it comes with a fresh dispensing valve to help reduce potential germ exposure and a removable pump to allow the PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle to be recycled. The PURELL 8705 advanced instant hand sanitizer foam contains 70% ethyl alcohol to help reduce the number of germs on hands, and four moisturizers to help keep skin hydrated. Expires Aug 27, 2013

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