The O'Neal Fastrack II motorcycle helmet comes equipped with the world renowned Blinc brand Bluetooth system. It is perfect for tethering several A2DP devices together. If you are streaming your music via Bluetooth and your phone rings, you can answer or reject it. If you answer, the music stops.

When you hang up, it begins playing where it left off. You can also use this device as a 1-to-1 intercom system for rider-to-passenger open mic communication. One of the best features is that each rider can listen to their own music, make their own calls (provided each has a Bluetooth enabled phone), or talk to each other with the intercom feature. Additional features include advanced PrePreg fiberglass and nylon cross woven construction for super light weight, an oversized spoiler that makes the helmet quieter and more stable at highway speeds, quad-core EPS design for added protection, and an easily replaceable face shield system.

Expires Sep 1, 2013

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