Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter
Tatem Games

Genre: Games
Release Date: June 12, 2010

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(9/10) "Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is the premier hunting experience on the iPhone, and it’s just the perfect game for a wide variety of people." – No DPad Review

(9/10) “Well made, entertaining, addictive and requires skill: all the features necessary in a first person shooter. For the money, you’re getting a lot of game.” -

(4/5) "If you’re looking for a deep, intelligent hunting sim, Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is ideal." - 148Apps Review

(8/10) "If you tire of the trigger-happy first-person blasters already on the App Store then this thinking-man’s shooter could be bang on target." - Pocket Gamer Review

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Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is a console-quality hunting game which lets players explore huge non-linear locations as they attempt to track down a variety of dinosaurs and not become a prey. The dinos boast with some of the most advanced AI on the platform, evolving from “pea-brained” dummies to dangerous creatures that are able to see, hear and sense the adrenaline in hunter’s blood. Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is your ultimate choice if you’re interested in real life hunting experience rather than visiting a shooting range.

With 16 different dinosaurs across 6 distinct environments including pine forests, muddy marshes and rolling hills, how you approach your target is important. Wind direction, scent and the use of a special dinosaur call are all key elements in tracking your prey.

Game Features:
• Huge 3D world, open to explore!
• Console-quality HD graphics with Retina support.
• 3D dinosaurs, from the Herbivorous (plant eating) for novice hunters to the Carnivorous (meat-eating) for experts.
• Choose from among six different weapon types – from a sniper rifle to an X-bow.
• Map and radar to locate and track dinosaurs.
• Hunting accessories for smart hunting.
• 2 exciting game modes:
- Hunting: a non-linear close to reality hunting experience where players roam through vast landscapes, tracking and hunting a variety of dinosaurs;
- Survival: a timed, frenzied affair where dinosaurs run onto the player in waves with a clear intention to fress him. Plus+ integration lets compete for the longest survival.
• Interactive Dino Trophy Room.
• Online leader boards and social networking integration.
• Use your single Plus+ account to play on multiple iDevices.

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