Ubermedia, Inc.

Genre: Social Networking
Release Date: November 11, 2010

The number 1 Twitter client in the world comes to iPhone! The popular Blackberry application debutes on the iPhone with UberView, a new way to view links shared through Twitter.

Additionally, UberTwitter is a full featured Twitter client application to interact with Twitter . com. Users can connect the app with their Twitter account in order to view the posts of the people they follow, see any posts mentioning them, create new posts, send Direct Messages, and search Twitter. Additionally, any links that are included in any posts that the user readers can be previewed within the app either by tapping on the post or turning the phone into landscape mode. The content of the link is then displayed in a separate pane next to the tweet.

Other great features include:
* Mute: Stop seeing a user's tweets for a period of time set by you without unfollowing them
* Link shortening
* Tweet over 140 character
* Shrink tweet text
* Search people
* Trending topics with definitions

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