List Price: $79.99 Deal Price: $39.99 You Save: $40.00 (50%)Go hands-free the moment you enter your car with the T325 Portable Bluetooth?? Speakerphone. The T325's intuitive design includes an entry on/exit off feature that automatically syncs your Bluetooth-enabled phone with the speakerphone when you enter your car. This clever speakerphone is packed with premium calling features, including an automated phonebook that announces the name of incoming callers. It also gives you one touch access to Bing 411--a service that provides directions, weather updates, movie times, and more.

Motorola T325 Portable Bluetooth?? Speakerphone
At a Glance:

  • Instantly turns on when you get into your car for hands-free calls.
  • Audibly announces the names of incoming callers from your phonebook.
  • Automatically compiles a list of frequently used phone numbers.
  • Offers 17 hours of uninterrupted talk time.

The T325 automatically syncs with your phone when you enter your car. View larger.

Strong battery life offers 17 hours of uninterrupted talk time. View larger.Syncs Automatically with Your Mobile Device
Fully Bluetooth-enabled, the T325 wirelessly syncs with your mobile device the moment you enter your car. There are no buttons to fumble with or push, and everything is automatic so you'll never forget. This way you'll always talk hands-free and keep your attention where it needs to be--on the road. You don't have to worry about it turning it off either; the T325 automatically switches itself off when you get out of your car, conserving battery life for your next trip.
Call Options at the Touch of a Button
With the T325, you gain access to several convenient calling functions, including call waiting and mute. A large call button lets you answer and place calls with ease, while a tri-color LED displays Bluetooth connectivity and mute status. Most importantly, the speakerphone's controls are user-friendly so you won't compromise your safety while driving.
Convenient Contact Features
When you receive a call, the T325 will audibly announce the name of the incoming caller. It pulls names directly from your phonebook and will recognize up to 1,500 entries.
For added convenience, the T325 will automatically compile a "Favorite Contacts" list. It intuitively updates and stores your 25 most frequently used phone numbers and allows one-touch dialing for those contacts.
Instant Access to Bing 411 Services
The T325 also gives you access to Bing 411--a fast and easy way to stay connected and get information when you're on the go. Preprogrammed as the number-one spot on the "Favorite Contacts" list, Bing 411 provides one-touch access to driving directExpires Feb 26, 2011