List Price: $59.99 Deal Price: $36.83 You Save: $23.16 (39%)The Cobra BT 215 eliminates the expense and need for your hardline home phone ! Through the use of Bluetooth technology, you can use your cell phone's service plan from the comfort and convenience of your home phones. Take advantage of carry-over minutes, nights and weekends and unlimited calling plans from your cell phone provider. The BT215 works with existing wired and wireless phones. So, no new equipment is needed and there's no monthly or annual fee. Simply find a room with good cell phone reception and plug the Phonelynx into a 110v wall plug using the included AC adapter. Then, pair it to your cell phone using the phone's Bluetooth setting. Finally, plug your existing home phone into the back of the BT 215. Voila! Set up is complete! Because the unit is in an area with good reception, you can talk anywhere in your home or office without the threat of hitting "dead zones." The PhoneLynx also increases call clarity by using active noise-cancelling technology called ClearCall to improve the voice clarity and eliminate any unwanted noise from your cell phone calls. These features make the Cobra BT 215 Phonelynx a necessity for an home or office looking to save money while keeping their functionality at a maximum. Nothing comes close to a Cobra!Expires Mar 3, 2011