List Price: $44.99 Deal Price: $43.87 You Save: $1.12 (2%)Liquid carnauba wax is designed to give your paint the maximum color, depth and clarity with none of that hazing caused by cheap silicones, inferior sealants and poor chemistry. Griot's Garage has put together the ideal necessities for properly applying and removing their Best of Show Wax into this money-saving kit. Using the correct pad and cloths ensures proper application and reduces the possibilities of introducing micro scratches into the paint. Best of Show Wax is easy to apply by hand and gives at least three months of protection, plus it produces superior results at any car show or event. The heavy carnauba content means a little goes a long way, and as long as it's put on thin, it's easy to buff to a perfect shine. This kit includes a 16-ounce bottle of Best of Show Wax, a 6-inch red foam waxing pad, an adjustable 6-inch foam pad holder, and a set of three microfiber wax removal cloths.Expires Mar 5, 2011