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Release Date: December 01, 2010

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I am sorry, I set wrong for event date in free event will be till 10th Feb.

Without any installation on your PC, You can view the files on your PC,Server, and other iPhone.
TIOD is a client for Samba(SMB,CIFS) and FTP.
With TIOD You can directly read the computer's files without any installation on your computer.
You can watch the movies which is in your PC without copying!
TIOD is not like RDP, VNC which shows the screen of your computer remotely, TIOD uses the resource of the iPhone and reads your HardDisk from your computer through the air.
That means you can read any files , listen to any musics and watch any movies on your computer DIRECTLY without copying to the phone. Of course you might copy the files to the phone from your computers.

1. iPhone can read any files from your computer without any installation on your PC(MS, Linux-Samba,Unix-Samba ,FTP Server etc).
2. Only Shared folders which you selected can be shown.So it's safe.
3. Almost formats are supported.(movies,musics,words,excels,text etc)
4. Any formats and any codecs of video (including avi, mov,asf,wmv, etc) can be shown to your iPhone without any installation on your computer. And you can also copy those files.
5. Any formats of Musics(including mp3,m4r,ac4, etc) can be played on your iPhone directly.
6. You can see the pictures on your computer without copying.
7. Scanning the available PCs.
8. Addresses you visited are recoded, So you don't need to know the IP addresses for each time.
9. In the case when you input the username and password for some system (ftp), last username and password can be memorized, so you don't need input the username and password for next time.
10.You can choose the video player. iphone embedded mp movie player or TIOD player.
11.V.1.0.1 can not connect to PCs remotely (your iphone and your pc use different AP) but in future version you can connect to any located computer.
15.TIOD supports UNICODE. you can connect to any computers which are using another language system.

FOR Windows7 Professional Version User : Please enable "Guest User"
How to enable guest user in win7
1. go to Control Panel
2. click on Administrative Tools
3. In the Administrative Tools window click on Local Security Policy
4. Under Local Security Policy go to Security Settings \ Local Policies \ Security Options
5. under Policy on the left side select "Account: Guest Account Status"
6. change the value to "Enable"

1. "Start" menu -> type "secpol.msc" -> press Enter -> select Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options
2. change "Account : Guest Account Status" to Enable

When you meet the login window from TIOD, just insert your PC's login ID and password.
If you did NOT set a password for your Windows7, download a batch file from or modify the registry key of "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa\Lim itBlankPasswordUse" to "0 (zero)"

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