Genre: Social Networking
Release Date: January 30, 2011

Great reviews from TechCrunch, Mashable, Reuters, All Things D, VentureBeat and many more...

"I was amazed to the point where I was dumbfounded" — MG Siegler at TechCrunch

IntoNow makes engaging with your favorite TV shows easy, social, and fun. Just tap the green button when your favorite show is on and IntoNow will identify the show and episode; provide all data and links associated with it; and help you share on Facebook and Twitter. IntoNow also helps you see which shows you have in common with your friends — including whether they’ve seen the latest episode — and alerts you whenever you and a friend are watching the same show at the same time. Use it to discover new shows, discuss your favorites with your friends, and learn more about whatever you’re into now!

- Identify live TV, or anything that’s run on TV in the last five years, from your television, computer or mobile device.
- Get full episode and cast information, as well as info on future airings.
- Receive notifications when your friends are watching the same episode or show.
- Comment on what your friends are watching in the app, or on Facebook and Twitter.
- One-click access to IMDb, Netflix, and iTunes so you can learn more or start watching right away.
- Add new friends using Facebook, Twitter, your address book, or “search by name.”

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Minimum iOS 4.0+ is required on iPhone and iPod touch; iOS 3.2 for the iPad. A built-in or external microphone is required.

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