The Moron Test: Section 1

Genre: Games
Release Date: September 13, 2010

The Moron Test is an App Store favorite, and now you can play the FULL original version for FREE! Play The Moron Test: Section 1 now and see for yourself why this game has become one of the most purchased games in App Store history!

Are you a complete idiot? What about your friends, coworkers, and family? Find out with The Moron Test: Section 1! Master these simple but tricky questions, then point and laugh at everyone else when they get stumped! See what USA Today,, and tons of fans are raving about! You'll kick yourself when you fail The Moron Test - the one and only "reverse-IQ" test!


- says: “...highly addictive time waster...” “...for a half hour of my life nothing else in the world mattered.”
- MacWorld says: "Names Can Be Deceiving: Despite its name, The Moron Test isn’t a dopey gimmick. Rather, it’s very addictive, delightfully drawn, and extremely entertaining."
- USA Today says: "Addictive iPhone App" "This clever game is also fun to pass to friends..."


- The FULL original version of The Moron Test... for FREE!
- Simple, addicting gameplay fun for all ages!
- Play through dozens of question types
- 7 levels ranging from Moron to Genius
- Fun characters, sound effects, and music
- Checkpoints and continues in each section
- Brag on Facebook by sharing your best score
- You will LOVE watching your friends fail!


- readers voted The Moron Test the #2 Favorite App of 2009!
- says: "Unlike any other 'think dumber kind of tests', The Moron Test questions are actual trick questions which doesn’t require someone to be dumb, but rather smart, quick and alert."
- says: “…guaranteed to pull the dumb part of you out of hiding without fail!”
- SuzieQTv: “Very unique, graphics are great, the audio is tremendous!” (10/10 Stars)

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