TV Remote
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Genre: Utilities
Release Date: April 07, 2010
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This application is Wi-Fi remote control of Samsung Internet@TV for 2010. If both your iPhone and TV were connected to the same access point, your iPhone is linked with TV automatically and you can use your iPhone like general remote.

- Models supported
All SAMSUNG TVs working Internet@TV 2010 (Model code&#39;C&#39;)

e.g. U E 5 5 C 6 5 0 0

L N 4 6 C 6 5 0

LED 6500 SERIES Higher
(Model code starts with &#39;U&#39;)
LCD 650 SERIES Higher
(Model code starts with &#39;L&#39;)
PDP 6500 SERIES Higher
(Model code starts with &#39;P&#39;)

- description
. TV Remote : The basic remote control operations are available. With dragging gesture like up/down/left/right, Direction or CH/VOL can be adjusted whatever background is.

. Gesture Remote : CH/VOL can be adjusted with touching the screen and tilting the device.

. Keyboard : If you need typing like when you use Internet@TV, you can input letters readily by using this controller.

. Game Remote Control : This controller gives you comfortable UI for games at Internet@TV.

. Manual : Explanations on appplications are shown.

. Settings : Enables users to modify setting for the TV model, response time for gestures and sensitivity of touchpad.

** Directions
- Make sure &#34;WIreless Remote Control&#34; listed under &#34;Setup&#34; of TV &#34;Menu&#34; is on.

- If &#34;Wireless Remote Control&#34; cannot be found, the TV Remote function is not available.

- Connect the TV LAN port to the Wireless Router using a Cat-5 cable or Connect the Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter to the TV USB port.

- Connect your iPhone to the Wireless Router.

The functions of TV Remote Control can be tested by activating Demo Play in Discovery menu without connection to SAMSUNG TV.

*** Set your region information in &#34;Settings&#34; menu.


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