Donut Maker
Sunstorm Interactive

Genre: Games
Release Date: February 25, 2011

ATTENTION: Donut Maker requires iOS 4.0 or newer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD if you have an older version of software on your iphone/ipod.

Donut Maker is here! Tie on your apron because we are going to fry up some greasy and messy fun!*
First, mix the donut dough ingredients.* After the dough is thoroughly mixed, roll it out using the rolling pin.* Then, use the donut cutter to cut out each individual donut.*
Now, place each donut in the fryer until it is golden brown.* Be careful not to forget about them or they will disappear in the grease!*
Once the donuts are done to perfection, you get to decorate them!* There are several categories to choose from so your donuts have just the right amount of icing and sprinkles!* The decorating categories are:

- Plates- Choose from a variety of plates.
- Icing- Choose from an array of colors for your base icing.
- Paint on icing- Find a contrasting color to paint on your own design.
- Icing decorations- Select fun icing swirls and designs to add to your donuts.
- Icing accents- Add some stars, dots, and loop-de-loops.
- Candies and nuts- Sprinkle on the colored candies- perhaps ones that represent*the closest holiday?
Finally, it’s time to eat your donut… or two… or three!
Post it on Facebook or email it to a friend!
Or, save it in the fridge to show off or eat later!
About the Free Version! - This FREE version of Donut Maker includes a SAMPLING of donut making items.* IF you want more, simply BUY Master Donut Maker from the Grocery Store, which will unlock every item in the game!* It will be everything you need to make the perfect donut every time!*

© 2011 Sunstorm Interactive Inc.

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