Daily Polls
M5 Systems LLC

Genre: Entertainment
Release Date: December 03, 2010

Take part in numerous opinion polls per day by making your vote count! Each day brings new topics to the fore front covering 14 separate categories.

Daily Polls is a fun filled; informative and interactive poll application. Click and express yourself today!

Features of Daily Polls include:

-14 poll questions per day covering the following categories: News, Entertainment, Real Estate, Careers, Kids, Politics, Health, Music, Money, Sports, Technology, Home & Garden, Movies and Travel.

-Ability to bookmark multiple poll questions to follow up on the results.

-New polls each day of the week with the ability to search across all polls made with the Daily Polls application.

-The ability to submit your own poll suggestions each day. User submitted polls are reviewed for editorial appropriateness by Daily Polls editorís. Approximately 14 days turn around time for review.

-The ability to purchase (via the in app purchase button) a version of the application without advertising and with 72 hour expedited review of your new poll suggestions.

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Free Apps are usually expire within 48 Hours, as such, all threads are automatically closed to additional comments/responses at that time.