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Release Date: January 11, 2010

“The app is hands down the best real estate search tool on the market right now… This app is a true joy to use and fulfills the original promise of It’s all the listings in one place.” - 1000Watt Consulting

Find more homes for sale on your iPhone or iPod touch with the® Real Estate Search App – provided by the #1 site in real estate.® has more listings (4+ million), and updates them more often (every 15 min) than any other site. Features include: map search, saved searches and listings synchronized with the website, private ratings and notes and the ability to share listings with your friends, agent & social network.

“This feature-rich app makes it easy for buyers to get details on their ideal property, find it using the GPS feature, take pictures from their iPhone, save notes using the app’s Ratings and Notes feature, and then send a link to that property in real time via email, Twitter or Facebook to family, friends, or a Realtor®” -

“I played with the app a bit, and was envious that such a useful resource wasn't around when I bought my home. My stepdad, a real-estate agent two decades ago, was even more envious. 'Do you know how long it would have taken me to get that information?' he asked me.” - MSN Real Estate

“A key feature for serious real estate gamers is that Real Estate Search updates every 15 minutes, so you can beat everyone else to the new and reduced price listings,” - Macworld

“The app is, of course, free. Playing around it with it almost leaves me wishing that I was in the market for a house again,” - Technologizer

Now you can take your® home searches with you! Start using the most comprehensive real estate search application today!

Key Features:
• Instantly access over 4 million homes for sale - more than any other real estate site in America
• Show homes for sale in any city or in your current location on a map instantly
• Multiple photos, property details, open house information and pricing on nearly any home for sale
• Sign-in to access your saved searches and listings (automatically synchronized between the phone and your account on the® website)
• Create and save private ratings and notes for promising listings
• Share your favorite listings with friends and family, your agent or social network

Note: this application only searches for real estate in the United States. It is available internationally for users that want to search in the US.

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