Pirates! Showdown is a fast-paced game combining real-time strategy(RTS) and defense tactics "...it's the streamlined method of delivery that makes Pirates! Showdown rather masterful." PocketGamer.co.uk 3rd place on list of best Android tablet games! Digital Trends "Seriously, this is a very cool game!" AndroidGameplay4You 5 Stars - A GEM. One of the best strategy games ever 5 Stars - Wickedly entertaining. A must have Launch your fleet against the Red Hand privateers! Capture towns and other structures to strengthen your defense and increase your gold supply. Capture your enemy's base to win but don't let him capture yours! STREAMLINED RTS GAMEPLAY! Fast paced gameplay with RTS and defense tactics without heavy resource management or the need to micro-manage units. CAPTURE! Towns, guard towers, shipyards, lighthouses, obelisks, and more can all be captured and have unique functions. UPGRADE! Upgrade towns to increase gold production. Upgrade guard towers to increase their firepower and strengthen your defenses. SKIRMISH MODES! Jump into a randomly generated skirmish map at any time 75 UNIQUE CAMPAIGN LEVELS IN FOUR WORLDS! Expires Jun 12, 2014

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