Yeti Town
6waves Lolapps
Genre: Games
Release Date: December 20, 2011

It's all fun and games until a Yeti shows up!

Welcome to Yeti Town, the most fun, addicting and challenging puzzle game available for iOS. Compete with your friends to build the best town possible by placing matching scenery, three or more together. Combine three Saplings to make a Tree, three Trees to make a Tent, and trap Yetis to make Ice Cubes.

Plan your combinations wisely to grow your town like the brilliant planner you are! Player beware: In Yeti Town, the Yeti is never far from attempting to foil your plans for the perfect town. Have you got what it takes to prevail in the face of Yeti invasion?

Featuring amazing graphics for both iPhone and iPad, a unique 3D tilt feature and authentic yeti animations and sounds, Yeti Town is sure to provide a visually immersive and challenging experience.

Play Yeti Town for free and stay tuned for future updates featuring exciting new challenges!

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