December 21-27, 2011


Skype is offering FREE Wi-Fi at more than 50 airports across the U.S. People traveling through any of the select airports will be able to log on to a Skype Wi-Fi connection via their PC, Mac, or Apple iOS device to make a video or voice call.

The gift package includes airports in some of the country's major hubs, such as Atlanta; Boston; Washington, D.C.; Miami; Chicago; Detroit; San Francisco; and New York City, with all the airports displayed on a map in a recent Skype blog post.

Skype users can tap in to the free Wi-Fi via the following steps:
* Sign in to Skype.
* Go to Tools | Options | Skype Wi-Fi Access.
* Click the check box to Enable Skype Wi-Fi Access.
* Connect to a Wi-Fi public hot spot.
* In the Skype menu bar, click Tools | Skype Wi-Fi Access.
* Follow the instructions to join a compatible public Wi-Fi network.

The free Wi-Fi can come in handy, especially around the holidays. Though more airports have been adding Wi-Fi coverage, some offer it only in certain terminals or specific areas.
Click here for participating Airports, Scroll over Skype Logo for your state.