NOTE - *RR means items which qualify for the Resolution Rewards $20up/100 monthly deal


Vicks NyQuil or DayQuil Liquid or Vicks VapoRub or Sinex Nasal Spray $5.99 get $1.50+UP Limit3 **RR**

Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor or Cartride, fusion RAzor or Cartridge, Fusion Shave Gel or ProSeries Skin Care Spend $30 Get $10 Limit2 **RR**

Pantene Shampoo, conditioner or Stylers buy 2 for $7 Get $2+UP Limit 2 **RR**

Duracell Coppertop Batteries AA, AAA 16pack, C or D 8pack, 9volt 4pack, Mini Color charger or Pre-Charged 4 Pack Rechargeable Batteries $9.95 get $1+UP Limit 2 **RR**

Jewelry buy $12 get $4+UP Limit 2

cosmetic bags and Wallets buy $20 get $5+UP Limit 2

Bonne Bell Cosmetics and Jesse's Girl Cosmetics buy $10 get $4+UP Limit 2

Physicians Formula Foundation, Powder, Consealer, blush or Bronzer buy 2 get $5+UP Limit 2

Parfums De Coeur body Sprays buy $12 get $3+UP Limit 2

Clairol Nice'n Easy Color Blend Foam Hair Color $8.99 get $2+UP Limit 2 **RR**
$3 off coupon in sunday Paper

Playtex Tampons 18-20ct or Personal Cleansing cloths 40ct $3.99 get $1+UP Limit 4
Playtex Save $1/1 any one Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons 18ct+ or sport 14ct+ ex: 1/31/2012 SS 11/20/2011
$1 off Playtex sport here []

Carefree Pantiliners 18-22ct buy 2 for $2 get $1+UP Limit 4
.50 off 1 here []

Clearasil PerfectaWash Face Wash System $15.99 get $2+UP Limit 4 **RR**
$1 off here []

Venus or Satin Care Brand Shaving Products buy $25 get $5+UP Limit2

Old Spice, gillette, secret anti-perspirant/deo or body spray buy 2 for $8 get $1+UP Limit 2

Align Digestive Care 28ct. $28.99 get $5+UP Limit 3
$3 off in most Sunday Papers

Metamucil powder 114 dose or 160capsules $14.99 get $2+UP Limit 3

Gillette or Secret Clinical Strength Anti-Perspirant/deo $7.99 get $2+UP Limit 2

Bayer Healthcare Products B1G50%off buy $30 get $10 Limit 1 **RR**
Bayer Aspirin, Aleve, Midol, alka-Seltzer Plus, Campho-Phenique, Neo Synephrine, Alka Seltzer Stomach Relief, Phillips Stomach RElief, One-a-day vitamins or citracal
Bayer Save $1.50/1 Advanced Aspirin product ex: 1/31/2012 RP 10/23/2011
Bayer Save $1/1 Aspirin product ex: 1/31/2012 RP 10/23/2011
Bayer Advanced $1.50/1 here []
Aleve Save $1/1 20ct+ product excluding Aleve-D ex: 1/31/2012 RP 10/23/2011

Icy Hot cream or patches, Aspercreme $5.99 get $1+UP Limit 4
$1 off coupon in most Sunday Papers

Bausch & Lomb Renu Solution 12oz $6.99 get $1+UP Limit 2

Halls Cough Drops 70-80ct buy 2 for $6 get $1+UP Limit 4 **RR**

Zegerid OTC 42ct $28.99 get $3+UP Limit 4
$6 off coupon in most sunday papers

Lichi 25%off buy 2 get $3+UP Limit 1

Irwin Naturals Green Tea Triple fat burner, 5 Day LIquid Cleanse, Acai 14 day Diet Cleanse B1G1 50%off, buy 2 get $5+UP Limit 2

ProNutrients B1G1 50%off buy2 get $2+UP Limit 4 **RR**

Any Ensure, Glucerna or glucerna Hunger Smart buy 2 get $1+UP Limit 4

Arm&Hammer Spin Brush pro series or Kids power toothbrushes $6.99 get $1+UP Limit 4 **RR**

Clear eyes eye drops $3.99 get $1+UP Limit 4 **RR**

Conair or Scunci headbands, headwraps or elastics reg $3.99+ get $2+UP Limit2 **RR**

Mucinex 14ct, D 18ct $12.99 get $2+UP Limit4 **RR**
$1 off in most sunday papers

Advil caplets or tabs 100ct, liqui-gels 80ct, PM 32-40ct get $1+UP Limit 4 **RR**
$3 off in ad RA coupon
$1 SCR on select advil available 1/1 - 1/3

Robitussin or Dimetap get $1+UP Limit 4 **RR**
$1 off in ad RAQ

Conair Dryers, Straightners, Curling Irons or hair cut kits reg 34.99-44.99 get $10+UP Limit 2 **RR**

Carmex lip balm 3pack or Moisture Plus buy 2 for $5 get $2+UP Limit 4 **RR**

L'oreal skin or sun care B1G1 50%off buy $15 get $5+UP Limit 2 **RR**
$2 off RAQ

All PNY 4Gig Digital Media $12.99 get $1+UP Limit 2 **RR**

Fuji film all film and one-time-use cameras B1G1 free get $1+UP Limit 2 **RR**

Monster Energy Drinks buy 2 for $3 get $1.50+UP Limit 2 **RR**

RA baby bath or skin care products or cotton swabs reg $2.99-5.49, Baby Wipes64-72ct buy 2 for $5 get $1+UP Limit4

RA Disposable Razors 3-12ct, After Shave or hair Tonic 7oz buy 2 for $9 get $2+UP Limi 4

RA Underpads Value packs20, 36 and 50ct or Male Guards 72ct buy 2 for $26 get $3+UP Limit4

Swiffer buy $25 get $5+UP Limit 2
Swiffer wet jet Kit $19.99
Swiffer wet or dry refills 12-16ct $3.99
Duster refills 5ct $3.99
Wet Jet cleaner $3.99

Maxwell House Coffee 34.5 oz $8.99 get $1+UP Limit 2 **RR**

Doritos 11.5 -12oz, Lays Kettle 8.5-9oz buy 2 for $6 get $1+UP Limit 2

Prilosec OTC 42ct $24.99 get $5+UP Limit 3
$2 off coupon in most sunday papers

Nicorette $39.99 get $5+UP Limit 4
$15 off coupon in most sunday papers
SCR available

L'oreal Cosmetics B1G1 50%off buy $15 get $5 Limit 2 **RR**
$5.00 off L'Oreal Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara RAQ here []

Coke & coke products 12 pack buy 3 for $13.98 get $1+UP Limit 2


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