List Price: $119.95 Deal Price: $33.95 You Save: $86.00 (72%)Classics never go out of style! These are natural white 10-11mm cultured button pearl studs. These timeless stud earrings are perfect to wear everyday or for special occasions. These earrings are rated AAAA or LS1B. The pearls are button shape "B" with luster that is rated "AAAA" or "L" meaning it has excellent luster with sharp reflection and the surface is rated "AAA" or "S1" meaning it is virtually clean of 95% or better. The pearls are set on CAREFREE sterling silver friction post. Our CAREFREE sterling silver is plated with quality Rhodium, which is tarnish resistant. It virtually eliminates the need for frequent cleaning and polishing. Also available in other colors and sizes.Expires Jan 3, 2012

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