A modern shoulder style bag that’s designed for those of us who only seem to remember our reusable bags the moment we need them. A stretchy pouch makes it a cinch to go from a full size bag to small ball in seconds flat. Stash one in your messenger bag or purse, ready to go, 24-7. I already forget my reusable bag. Why should I buy another? If you’ve tried to switch to reusable bags, you’ve probably learned that the hardest part is simply remembering to bring your bags with you each time you go shopping. Making this problem even tougher, not all shopping trips are even planned. flip & tumble’s reusable bags get around the whole “remembering” problem because they’re small enough to simply live in your purse, or messenger bag all the time. That way, they’re simply there when you need them. Are flip & tumble’s bags ecologically sound? A reusable bag can easily save over 1000 plastic bags in its lifetime, but there’s a catch. This only works if the reusable bag gets used. Unfortunately, too many reusable bags wind up gathering dust in the back of a closet. We’ve put a lot of time into considering the needs and lifestyles of real people, so your bags won’t become friends with the dust bunnies. What’s flip & tumble doing to help the planet? We’re committed to helping shoppers make the switch to reusable bags, but we also think how we operate as a business is just as important. We try and keep our footprint on the earth a little lighter by operating as a carbon neutral business. Our carbon credits go towards planet-friendly projects such as exploring clean energy and development of landfill gas capture. We also try hard to do the little things that matter. Sometimes it’s just about using the 2nd side of a piece of paper, recycling our paper and cardboard waste, or avoiding unnecessary car trips. Chances are, your shipment will even be biked to the post office.Expires Feb 1, 2012

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