List Price: $26.00 Deal Price: $11.99 You Save: $4.64 (54%)Keep busy hands safe and heavy tasks comfortable with Cuisipro's helpful roasting rack. This lightweight chef's aid features a long basket shape made of wide-set wires that securely hold up to 25-pound of meat. Sitting on four legs, the rack fits in a 16 by 13-inch pan during roasting, then lifts out easily with the aid of two large handles on top. For efficient serving, set the rack directly on a platter or tray, pull out the long pin from the bottom, and the rack separates to neatly release the meat. The non-stick surface helps with a smooth transition and makes clean-up a snap. Cuisipro recommends hand washing for best results. Rack includes 2 bonus pot holders.Expires Jan 5, 2012

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